Technical specifications

Nominal operating voltage: 380 to 480V

Operating frequency: 47 to 63 Hz Rated compensation current: 30 to 100A @ 40°C

Total  harmonic  current  distortion THID: <5%

Total demand distortion TDD: According to IEEE-519, table 10-3 Compensation capability:

Odd  harmonics  up  to  the 50th order

Response time: <300 µS

Protection category: IP20

Cooling: forced air cooling

Overload  capability: 2.5x  rated

comp.  Current  for 10ms (peak value)

Ambient   temperature:       40°C, derating up to 55°C, 2%K

Altitude: 1000m,  derating  up  to 4000m, 1%/100m

Parallel operation: up to 5 filters

Interfaces:   ethernet,   RS485, ModBus

Controller  topology:  digital  with FFT analysis

Current limitation: nominal current

Current   transformers          (not included): 100:5 to 50000/5

Design corresponding to: UL508, CE (LVD 2006/95/EC)